NBA Free Agency 2015 Recap

July 18, 2015
Rajan Nanavati, Editor-in-Chief of the DMVTrifecta, finally rejoins buddies John and Neel after a bit of a hiatus, to recap the frenzied 2015 NBA Free Agency period. 

Discussion Topics Include:
  • Why did DeAndre Jordan spurn the Mavericks and return to the Clippers?
  • What the hell is Vivek Ranadive doing with the Sacramento Kings?
  • After signing LaMarcus Aldridge, are the Spurs the favorite to win the title next year?
  • Even if LeBron James and Kevin Love resigned, is that really enough for the Cavaliers to win a title?
  • Who is emerging as the biggest threat to lure Kevin Durant away from Oklahoma City (and DC)?
  • Are Jared Dudley, Alan Anderson, and Gary Neal enough to make DC fans not miss Paul Pierce? 

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